Panem et Circenses

This post has nothing to do with the Latin phrase “panem et circenses”1. But thanks for clicking.

This weekend really challenged me. I have a knot for a sinister jugulodigastric lymph node2. No tell-tale fever or fatigue — at least, no more than usual3. It kind of feels irritated when I swallow, talk, or move my head. I’m keeping an eye on it until further notice.

On top of that, I’ve worked well over twenty hours this weekend. For which, I am very grateful. I’m not very grateful for the people who came in4 to get nine prescriptions within the last five minutes of work4, forcing the entire pharmacy staff to work thirty extra minutes4. However, I am grateful I was in the position to help the patients, one of whom was a recently diagnosed diabetic. The other thanked the Lord for cheap oral antifungals5. Think on that for a moment.

Yeah I’m so damn grateful6

Thanks Macklemore.


1. Panem et circenses
2. lymphadenopathy.gif
3. I haven’t gotten any sleep as of late. Like, no amount of sleep is enough, and getting up is nigh impossible.
4. Eff ewe.
5. Fluconazole: MedlinePlus Drug Information
6. Ceiling Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


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