Serendip-o-matic as a potential model for open online academic work

Really awesome website, well written write-up by Ryan Hunt.
For funsies: Serendip-o-matic your last blog post. Fun for all ages.

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The One Week, One Tool project has created significant buzz in the digital humanities community with its Serendip-o-matic search tool. While I take issue with the projects claims of diversity and inclusivity (the #OWOT 2013 team, while fantastic scholars/intellectuals, are hardly a diverse bunch), I appreciate how the project offers a new model for open online academic work.

For me one of the most interesting thing about the Serendip-o-matic is that when the tool was ‘finished’ all of the tool’s files and instructions were hosted openly on Github, welcoming interested parties to tinker, make suggestions, and add to the project as a whole.  The Serendip-o-matic, unlike many scholarly endeavours, was created openly and welcomes input from the community.

Projects like #OWOT show that interesting scholarly work can be produced in the open. Shawn Graham provides an excellent summary of why the Serendip-o-matic is interesting as a tool when he…

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