Snippet: Happy’s | In the Queue and a Check-in

Adult language and themes ahead. Mature eyes only.

Melissa, the new hire, stands at the bar and looks on as a make-out session gets heated. Oh man. What a rough job. Her eyes scream “Stop” but you can’t put a price on love for these nasty whores she serves. Maybe fifty bucks a night. I doubt it’s even that high. She mouths something, and I assume it was stop. The lovers keep at it, but I intercede.
“Come off it, fuckers,” I say, pushing chairs and stools out of my way, “this is a family establishment.”
Of course, they don’t listen to me, and I don’t really expect it. I tried. It’s kind of painful watching these kids try to make love in the middle of a bar, especially when they’re so damn ugly. Ugly on the street, ugly in the establishment, ugly at heart. I look away and ignore the slurping. Melissa will call the cops in a minute, so I might as well ask her now.
“’Lissa,” I say, leaning on the counter, “lost my keys. D’you take them?”
Melissa gives me a nasty look, then a disappointed one. Smug bitch. But no matter. She reaches into her pocket and hands me my keys. I thank her, and step over the two venereal incubators that are now hot and heavy in the floor. Sure enough, I hear Melissa behind me, dialing for the cops.


Afternoon, all. I’m currently on the prowl for guest bloggers and submissions. I will be crawling for views, comments, and guest writers, so expect quite a few more posts in the future. What better way to spend the holidays than to waste away computer-side?

Happy writing.


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