Wanted: guest writers and guest writing spots.

Future co-blogger:

Shockingly, not a ReMAX commercial.

“…Maude, I can see the house from here!”

What a wonderful day, today.

Anybody remember Concrete Jungle?

Timeless tech: an 1880 automated loom is still more impressive than an iPhone.

Not only do we get to shake binary, but we get to set out a plan for conquering WordPress together with titillating short stories and articles about whatever you want.

sadipodface.jpeg :(

Technobabble in the form of hypertext transfer protocol.

I’d bet a Bitcoin or so that you can put stock in our future success together. Am I sounding like a corrupted .mp3 here?

As painful as it was to type that, I want you to know I’m Sirius about writing. I don’t cut corners (or shuck corn, for that matter) when it comes to quality, and I happen to spend WAY too much time online. I’m proficient at being an Internet nice guy as well as a go-getter. If my letter to you has not enticed you, then I’ll see you around.

Happy writing,

CR Fowler

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