Call for submissions: The Seasons Roll On By

Quick: how much can you say in a thousand words or less? Five hundred? One hundred?

Not every story needs to be a thousand words or more — thankfully, there’s flash fiction. And a huge market for it.

I am a member and contributor of a new platform for collective storytelling: The Anthology Club. At AC, we write dazzling short stories and publish them in anthologies. The first completed anthology, Soul of the Universe, is completed and reaching publication, with several more projects following suit. They are all themed by their editors, proposed, and contributed to by members of our site. And we are always looking for more members, more contributions, and more projects.

My project, working title The Seasons Roll On By, is in the process of being approved.

I’m asking for a minimum of five submissions from each author, with the theme being seasonal — spring, summer, fall, winter. Quarterly volumes will be released, each containing flash fiction that pertains to the season.

To submit, register for an account at, read over and agree to the publication agreement, and post in the The Seasons Roll On By thread in the forum for further instruction. This is a great opportunity to get your name out there, and set in motion a revolution in storytelling.

For more information, contact myself. Looking forward to reading and editing some awesome fiction!

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