NaBloPoMo, Day 7: Excerpts from upcoming pieces

Billy the Kid (1860 – 1881). Image mirro...

Billy the Kid (1860 – 1881). Image mirrored on vertical axis to correct widely-seen flopped tintype. Cartridge loading gate on Winchester Model 1873 lever action rifle is on the right side of the receiver. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a few projects up my sleeve, and I’d like to spill the beans.

Firstly, I have my efforts for the always wonderful Anthology Club. There are about four separate projects I’m solely contributing to: Pirates!, Dragonthology, Shakespeare in Life, and Descent Into Darkness. Excited for all four.

There are also two anthologies I will b

e editing as well as contributing to: Flashbacks: Snippets of Life and a summertime collection that has yet to be named.

Here are the first lines to a few of the stories. They are all in various stages of completion.

Gran Killingbeck

Mum takes the time to tie my shoes extra careful before visiting Gran. We live in Leeds. So does Gran. But Gran doesn’t live in the same Leeds we do. Not at all. She lives in a big castle with spires and dragons. Okay, not dragons. But lots of spires. Mum calls it Killingbeck. She is still tying my shoes.

A Walking Shadow

My finest ships imploded into miniature black holes nearly a parsec from the Dunsinane.

The Alleged Lawnmower Incident

Daddy wasn’t much of a talker in front of Mrs. Hobbs. She’d bark at him until his tanned and sweat-ridden face drooped, but he never said a harsh word back. I reckon he saved it all for Mom and me, just so he could let it out somehow. Mom called him a “full kettle on boil,” among other things. I wasn’t allowed to say those words, much less write them

Billy the Kid Pirate

Billy and me were best friends before he pulled Peggy’s curly red hair. When we were little…well…littler…we had so much fun playing “Scorn the Devilhead” with Peggy. She hardly had as much fun as we did, but she only wailed and screamed anyway. If she had wanted us to stop, she would have said so!

As you can see, there’s a lot going on. And school starts Wednesday. My last first day of undergrad. Eek.

Stay tuned. Will return to flash fiction tomorrow. Remember to check out Anthology Club if you’re into short stories (or poetry, perhaps?)


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