NaBloPoMo, Day 8: A Quick Science Lecture

Dr. Rosenkraft gestured widely to the massive DNA replica at the center of the science wing.

T’is vas t’e beginning ahf a new era. T’is ist you! Sequences ahf adenine, t’ymine, guanine, und cytosine.

His unruly mane bopped with every spat consonant — I never did ask Marty if he ever sprayed the front. Considering the empty two front rows, it happened at least once.

All the while, the man held us at rapt attention. He’d never set foot in the new abs upstairs, and he never ordered primers. He made everything himself, using the same reagents as Sigma-Aldrich or BioLabs New England. And they worked like charms.

As we filed out of Introductory Genetics, there was a mutual sense of wonder between students and professor. He didn’t need perfect pronunciation, nor to more softly articulate his plosives or fricatives.

He appealed to the essence of who we were, and we responded as such.

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