And the winner is…


The title of my summertime short story anthology will be Summer Shorts. The title crowner was Mr. Michael Wombat, who can be found on his blog here. Give him an Internet high five. Or click and follow. Whatever you prefer, I’ll be over here waiting.

The clear cut winner of the What should we call this is Summer Shorts. So that’s the name.
I am looking for summery reads no longer than 2000 words, and no shorter than 100 (unless you are incredibly good.)

Up to seven submissions per author, and by no means do you have to submit more than one. But, if everybody else is, you may want to think of writing more 😉

Submissions are due May 1st, projected publication mid-June. Projected.

Mike will set up a folder for submissions, and you are to upload your file in .doc or .docx format to said folder. I will read, edit, and accept them for incorporation.

I hope to continue this yearly, something we can look forward to seasonally. So have fun with this. Remember, this is summertime. Pop a Corona, park yourself on the beach, and feel the waves on your toes as you write some awesome flash fiction.

One contributor credit per entry. See you around.

Big thanks to Wombat37 for the title. You’re a witty one, sir.

Above is from the home thread, which will direct you to my home away from reality, Anthology Club. Do let me know if you are interested in joining us — we are a kind and pleasant group of writers making a whole lot of content.

Meanwhile, I have two more anthologies to worry about. I will advertise them as I see fit. I should probably do some homework, or something. Ick.

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