NaBloPoMo, Day 9: Hold

Synchronized chaos and raw strength — Jacob batted the strike from the goal and the ball skipped twice into a cluster of palms. For every blow, a water fount blossomed into being. But for only moments, and those moments fleeted.

Not feeling this story, but I’ll publish it. I interviewed a guy for the public speaking class I’m taking, and he was really into water polo. The way he described his position, the game mechanics and dynamics — it all felt so Randian. As in, I listened to this guy go on about a sport I had no sense of, and it became this eloquent enigma of man vs. man vs. fluid dynamics. So much raw strength is required to play this, yet it has such a small following in North Carolina. Pity.

If you haven’t already, respond to the poll post I posted a few minutes ago — it’s of utmost importance to me.

Prompt for tomorrow: the guy who waits to the very end to do something.

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