NaBloPoMo, Day 12: Thoughts on Blogging as a Writer

You know, this has been quite the experience thus far. This month is on track to being three times as traffic generating as December, and certainly the most successful month of my short blogging career.
Rely, this blog is a springpad for my writing. I have little care for the blogging to blog side of things, but I push myself to do it anyway. It’s good practice for the days when I really don’t want to write but I know I need to. Staying ahead and on track is key.
I like using WordPress as a way to throw free fiction out there. It keeps me writing consistently if not constantly. And, to be quite honest, that’s the struggle: finding that time every day to write. The small but growing following I’ve developed has helped in that aspect.
I hope to see this blog grow with my projects and be something I can always count on to provide me a microphone for my voice, and a bookshelf for some of my writing.


One thought on “NaBloPoMo, Day 12: Thoughts on Blogging as a Writer

  1. Hear, hear. It certainly helps to have some pressure on you to write. Myself, I’ve written interactive fiction before, and it’s incredible how MASSIVE of a motivator steady interaction and feedback from your readers is. Without that, it’s so much harder to get down and do the deed.
    So good luck to you, and don’t forget: a story untold is as good a story inexistent. So keep on punching those keys. Those stories deserve to be told.

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