A Terrible Skyrim Fanfiction Because I Need to Laugh

Paarthurnax sighed and curled his tail around the Dragonborn.

I’m gonna stop this right here. Have you ever gotten really into a universe? As in, Googling the different components you find so interesting. Thinking about being a character in that universe. That deal.

That’s me and the Elder Scrolls universe.

Luckily for me and others, there is a very dedicated fanbase for this kind of fantasizing. The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages is my go-to. I have spent countless hours on it and TVTropes together — one for the lore, the other for the construction of a similar world.

What gets me about the Elder Scrolls is how complete it feels. There’s an organic feel to it. I can’t gush about it enough.

Carry on. Enjoy your day.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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6 thoughts on “A Terrible Skyrim Fanfiction Because I Need to Laugh

  1. I feel you. I pretty much grew up on Vvardenfell. I can’t begin to describe how deeply ingrained the music of Morrowind is in my heart. I spent HOURS reading in-game books about the rest of the Empire, Vivec’s quasi-erotic spear-thrusting adventures and travel guides. Imagine my disappointment when Beth started blithely retconning the setting in future games.

    Where is my Asian-esque, ancient Rome-like Cyrodiil? What’s wrong with unique fantasy worlds? Why does everything have to be a generic medieval fantasy forest/ruin/village? Sob. I’ll just visit Morrowind again and marvel at its houses made of mushrooms and huge, long-legged, trepanned insects being used as steeds.

    • Agreed. You bring up several good points. But, just to play devil’s advocate, is Cyrodiil not just a clever amalgam of tropes itself? I think it’s the detail allotted by the writers and artists that opened Cyrodiil to its current success.

      • The problem is not the present Cyrodiil, but how it compares to the might-have-been, unique Cyrodiil described in Morrowind and before. There are enough classic medieval fantasy settings (which is nothing wrong), so why did Beth’s writers feel necessary to abandon their rather original original vision in favour of a clichéd collection of medieval fantasy tropes? And with such a lazy hand-wave, too: http://www.imperial-library.info/content/many-headed-talos

        Call me bitter, but while I did enjoy Oblivion immensely (though not as much as Morrowind), I cannot help but be a tad bit disappointed.

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