Call for submissions: Pirates!, edited by Michael Wombat

Ar, ye scurvy curs.

Calling all writers: write a short story pertaining to pirates, submit to this anthology, get published. Simple as that.

Ha-harrr! Piratical tales please, between 5k and 15k words in length. No deadline yet, as we’re all still finding our feet here.

No modern day pirates, though, such as those roaming around Somalia now. I want proper traditional pirates – jolly roger, rum, eyepatches, tall ships, buried treasure, wooden legs etc. I’m happy with straightforward pirate tales, in whatever style makes your juices flow […] but don’t be afraid to throw a curve ball of an idea in there with them too, if that’s what you want. Mine, FYI, has a dinosaur.

I’m bound to have forgotten something, so please fling any questions you have this way.

Interested? Follow these steps to join the ranks of Anthology Club and submit to this and any other active anthology project:
1) Follow this link to Anthology Club’s homepage.
2) Read up on how it works, then follow the instructions on the site to register and activate your account.
3) After receiving confirmation you are an active member of the group, click the Forums link to find forums for projects, project proposals, critique requests, craft-related questions, genre-specific discussions, and generic jive.
Any questions? Hit me up on the comments below. I’ll be glad to field any questions.


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