My Public Speaking Assignment: Introductory Speech

We were to prepare a two to three minute speech which introduces a classmate to the class. Obviously, I’m eliding his name, but I thought I’d share. Pretty fun stuff.

Arranged in the shape of a six-point shield, the hole set faces two foes between him and the goal. In water polo, all it takes is a synchronized blink by the defense and the hole set or center has already scored. If you’re lost, then you’re in good company, and our own hole set, _ _, is your go-to guy.

Now, there’s more to water polo than just offense. _ has to powerstroke all the way to the other side of the pool and put on a defensive show to ensure the opposing team doesn’t do the same damage he did. Again, I’m talking power, strength, finesse, and being two strokes ahead of the other team at all times. You need a strong leader for this kind of sport, and fate would have it that _ is team captain.

You see, _ isn’t just a jock to entertain the spectators — he has cultivated his leadership qualities from being the eldest of three; one man, and two young women. He began juggling sports and responsibility from the age of eight, as a competitive swimmer. A native Chicagoan, _ moved to Cary where his family currently resides and picked up the game of water polo. There’s not a huge following for water polo in North Carolina, but he took it upon himself about nine years ago to get involved with the game, and it has grounded him as a recreational, intellectual, and socially-immersive activity.

But to really understand _, we must understand his ideals. In high school, _ started to read into philosophy, and took a particular interest in the Stoics. Today, the word stoic has a connotation of being an “oak” or somewhat emotionless, but, with help from The Free Dictionary, the capital-S Stoic finds order in chaos of life by accepting “occurrences as the unavoidable result of” the world as it was, is, and will be. _ took this in stride, and has let it shape his interactions with others — foregoing man’s predisposition to judgment in favor of inclusion. And, for light reading, he enjoys John Locke, whose support of the natural equality of men influenced historical figures from President Washington to Martin Luther King Jr.

So there he is: a twenty-one year old junior criminal justice major with aspirations, inspirations, and experiences at which we can all marvel. But, I assure you, he is quite human, and we’re all fortunate of that.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been my pleasure to introduce _ _ to you — let’s give him a round of applause.


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