6 Incredible Blogs Before Breakfast, 22 Jan 2014

Good morning readers! Today, we’re going to explore a few choice pieces from a few choice blogs.

A harrowing tale, this story. Told in a very straight narrative, the story leads you to wonder just who the protagonist is. Gripping, and I’d say its click-and-read worthy. If you prefer, go to K’s blog and hunt down “Elimination.”

You’re welcome.

This one touches you lightly throughout and punches you in the face with a heart-wrenching twist. But it’s all in story, and you’ll love the craft it took to build it. Give it a read, and marvel at the strength and passion of Russell as I have and do.

On a similar note as “To bee or not to bee,” “Front and Center” delivers charm with a pinpoint narrative of life as an actor. Read all about it.

So good, it was published in an e-zine, Gigantic. What I love the most about this piece is the subtle criticism aimed toward how Western society treats “the chase.” You’ve gotta read this, this is my crown jewel of today’s segment.

This is just a piece of the excellent content produced by Julia and Sasha at thesefiveminutes. “He Was a Spy” is awesome for merely five minutes of unedited writing in the first person.

To close this segment, I want to let you know that it’s okay to disapprove of the characters in this story. But I will defend vehemently they were drunk and trying to feed a goldfish.

Thanks for joining me, I’ll see you next time.

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