Low Views: Second-Chance Dance (1/23-1/29)

Every time you blog, you run the risk of not being heard. But nobody’s going to make fun of you for it, though it may feel like a wasted opportunity.

That’s when the Second-Chance Dance comes in.

Starting on Thursday and ending on Wednesday, I will collect up to 30 posts that you want to be promoted and feature them on my Twitter and WordPress. Sound good?

Here’s the Inlinkz. Click it and follow the instructions.

Let’s all be kind and give each post a click, like, follow, and extra points for a comment. This is a good way to network, and to expose yourself to different blogs.

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2 thoughts on “Low Views: Second-Chance Dance (1/23-1/29)

    • Mind = blown.
      I think, often times, the problem is quality. For instance, I blog a few times a day — that’s pretty frequent. Am I sacrificing quantity for quality? Perhaps.
      But, since I’m trying to build a platform where I share my works as well as others, there needs to be some kind of filter. Perhaps blogging less while editing more will do the trick — perhaps not. I don’t believe in social media gurus, and I have yet to take on that role as well.
      Like you said, we run the risk of being heard. I’m not sure if I’m completely prepared for that consequence, but I’m along for the ride.

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