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6 Incredible Blogs Before Breakfast

I balled my fingers when I caught her staring. Receptionist have such long, well-kept fingernails. Often, they’re French-pressed. Looking so fake and pretty and false, but they keep the handsome bosses around and the command the respect of a woman with a desk job. I placed them gently below the counter while maintaining eye contact. She blinked rapidly. Continue reading


6 Incredible Blogs Before Breakfast, 24 Jan 2014

Good morning readers! Today is the first (and obviously not the last) Friday edition of #6IncredibleBlogsBeforeBreakfast! Let’s put the spotlight on great writing and reading.

Or, come to think of it, both. Half-and-half counts, right? Continue reading

Call for submissions: Shakespeare in Life, edited by Marissa Ames

Calling all writers: Missy Ames wants your best Shakespearean fiction! Stories about Will himself, or adaptations of his works into a different setting.

This can be defined in many ways. Maybe create a short story about a scene in Shakespeare’s life. Or take characters from one of his plays and write them a new story. Put a Shakespearean concept (or the man himself) into a modern day setting. If you’re really dedicated, write it all in iambic pentameter. But let’s go further than the high school theme, or even the modern-day love stories. That’s been done again… and again…

William Shakespeare

Cover of William Shakespeare

Interested? Follow these steps to join the ranks of Anthology Club and submit to this and any other active anthology project:
1) Follow this link to Anthology Club’s homepage.
2) Read up on how it works, then follow the instructions on the site to register and activate your account.
3) After receiving confirmation you are an active member of the group, click the Forums link to find forums for projects, project proposals, critique requests, craft-related questions, genre-specific discussions, and generic jive.
Any questions? Hit me up on the comments below. I’ll be glad to field any questions.


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NaBloPoMo, Day 23: Dory, and a Prompt

She lapsed into a fluorescent adolescent, donning the brightest of graphic tees depicting nonsense splotches of color as trendy art and shaving the side of her head for contrast. It was all so depressing. Her hair still clogs the sink. Even though she’s gone. Gone.

You see, I watched her from afar. High school Marty was moody, and high school Mindy eluded my arm, fingers, and possession. She wore the same stocking to school every day, and only washed them when her mother scowled. Were we friends? Perhaps. She waved to me in passing, then leaped into her girlfriend’s arms. They often attracted an audience. It was only then did I avert my gaze.

I missed her without having her, and she noticed me in fleeting moments. Her heart belonged to another race, another sex, another person. I hated her. But I loved her.

The above piece will be continued at another time. I listened to the song “Dory” by Grizzly Bear, and wrote what came to mind. Needs some work, but that was five minutes or so of writing.

NOW! It’s time for a prompt.

Why is it important? Write and publish a post, link it below in a comment or ping my post. Looking forward to reading some responses.

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