As a writer, editor, blogger, and nice guy, I offer services for people in the form of exposure, ghostwriting, and contributions.


I will post “author spotlights” in your honor, with posts arranged into four components:

1) A brief introduction of you (two sentences.)
2) An excerpt of your work (500 word cap.)
3) A brief interview between yourself and I.
4) A plug for your bibliography, website, or whatever you choose.

This, of course, is completely free. I am completely flexible, and will work with you to fulfill your needs, desires, etc. Nothing is out of bounds.


I offer ghostwriting at low rates. I start out at USD0.05/word for the first 500 words, then increase a cent per 100 words. For bundles, i.e., series or completely running a blog for you, please contact me further.


Got a project you want some submissions for? I’m your man. I will gladly write for your project at whatever rate you offer. Just run it by me first before you expect a submission.

Contact me at mutedbutpresent (at) gmail (dot) com if interested, or comment below. We will definitely need to communicate via email, though.


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