Call for submissions: author spotlight or review on my page

Attention writers: I am donating space on my blog to feature you and your writing. I have an impact of about 3,000 people, which can and will draw readers to your writing.
I will dedicate a post with four parts:
1) A brief introduction of you (two sentences.)
2) An excerpt of your work (500 word cap.)
3) A brief interview between yourself and I.
4) A plug for your bibliography, website, or whatever you choose.

This, of course, is completely free. I am completely flexible, and will work with you to fulfill your needs, desires, etc. Nothing is out of bounds.

Contact me at mutedbutpresent (at) gmail (dot) com if interested.

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Calls for Submissions: Summer Shorts

Calling all writers of short and flash fiction: I am the editor and curator of an upcoming anthology, Summer Shorts, and I need submissions!

I am looking for summery reads no longer than 2000 words, and no shorter than 100 (unless you are incredibly good.)

Up to seven submissions per author, and by no means do you have to submit more than one. But, if everybody else is, you may want to think of writing more 😉

Submissions are due May 1st, projected publication mid-June. Projected.

Interested? Follow these steps to join the ranks of Anthology Club and submit to this and any other active anthology project:
1) Follow this link to Anthology Club’s homepage.
2) Read up on how it works, then follow the instructions on the site to register and activate your account.
3) After receiving confirmation you are an active member of the group, click the Forums link to find forums for projects, project proposals, critique requests, craft-related questions, genre-specific discussions, and generic jive.
Any questions? Hit me up on the comments below. I’ll be glad to field any questions.


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