Mia’s First Steps

Come to Papa, Mia! You’re such a smart girl, such a smart girl! Papa loves you, Mia! Come to him!

And, as she approached, Ricco grew less okay with it all. She was thirteen months yesterday, and closer to death than before. As was Ricco. And Maria. And he had no answer to that. He had no way of slowing this single moment, captured behind a lens and imprinted onto photopaper.

There was time, and this was time.

Mia grin grew unsure. Ricco adjusted his expression and encouraged her. Into outstretched arms, she stumbled the last few steps.

Ricco decided against holding those last few steps against her, and welcomed her into a spinning embrace.

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6 Incredible Blogs Before Breakfast

I balled my fingers when I caught her staring. Receptionist have such long, well-kept fingernails. Often, they’re French-pressed. Looking so fake and pretty and false, but they keep the handsome bosses around and the command the respect of a woman with a desk job. I placed them gently below the counter while maintaining eye contact. She blinked rapidly. Continue reading

Call for submissions: Shakespeare in Life, edited by Marissa Ames

Calling all writers: Missy Ames wants your best Shakespearean fiction! Stories about Will himself, or adaptations of his works into a different setting.

This can be defined in many ways. Maybe create a short story about a scene in Shakespeare’s life. Or take characters from one of his plays and write them a new story. Put a Shakespearean concept (or the man himself) into a modern day setting. If you’re really dedicated, write it all in iambic pentameter. But let’s go further than the high school theme, or even the modern-day love stories. That’s been done again… and again…

William Shakespeare

Cover of William Shakespeare

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Lay Me Down

O’er glen and dale they had ridden, but never the mossy and grassy mountainside. Justin coaxed his steed to slow her pace a bit, as his ears popped with every stride.

On a whim, he cooed into the breeze,

Sing to me sweetly as I turn sour,

Lay me down remembering…

And his ears deceived him, as he could have sworn he heard the sweetest refrain.

No company awaited Justin, save for the lonely cottages on the mountainside he rode. He lost his swagger, and hummed to himself.

…the wind and the rain played a part in that dreadful hour…

Thanks for the shot, Bjoern.

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