Low Views: Second-Chance Dance (1/23-1/29)

Every time you blog, you run the risk of not being heard. But nobody’s going to make fun of you for it, though it may feel like a wasted opportunity.

That’s when the Second-Chance Dance comes in.

Starting on Thursday and ending on Wednesday, I will collect up to 30 posts that you want to be promoted and feature them on my Twitter and WordPress. Sound good?

Here’s the Inlinkz. Click it and follow the instructions.

Let’s all be kind and give each post a click, like, follow, and extra points for a comment. This is a good way to network, and to expose yourself to different blogs.

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Shreds of Doubt

Nina rocked gently in her recliner, gazing out the bay window beside her. Her son, a solid six-foot-four, held a branch back for her husband, five-foot-five. They had been messing with that fir tree for weeks now, trimming here and trimming there in preparation for Christmas. Her husband’s sawing arms were ghostly against her son’s olive complexion, and they worked together to bring a sad-looking, tiny limb from the future Christmas tree.

Nina kept rocking, longing to know if her husband’s sample was truly his.