Low Views: Second-Chance Dance (1/23-1/29)

Every time you blog, you run the risk of not being heard. But nobody’s going to make fun of you for it, though it may feel like a wasted opportunity.

That’s when the Second-Chance Dance comes in.

Starting on Thursday and ending on Wednesday, I will collect up to 30 posts that you want to be promoted and feature them on my Twitter and WordPress. Sound good?

Here’s the Inlinkz. Click it and follow the instructions.

Let’s all be kind and give each post a click, like, follow, and extra points for a comment. This is a good way to network, and to expose yourself to different blogs.

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Call for submissions: Flashbacks DEADLINE EXTENDED

Calling all writers: I am soliciting biographical submissions for my anthology, Flashbacks: Snippets of Life.

I am calling for realistic (or not so) pieces influenced by your own trials or those of others. Realistic here means lacking the elements of speculative fiction: that is a focus or inclusion of tropes of SSF&H. Certain tales, e.g., those from the perspective of a child, have wiggle room with the whole “realism” spiel. I am totally willing and accepting of magical realism.
Entries must be at least 2 kilowords, and less than 15 kilowords.

I’m setting a deadline for March 1st, 2014April 1st, 2014. After that point, I will allow only updates (edits, rewrites) from accepted submissions.

Happy writing.

Interested? Follow these steps to join the ranks of Anthology Club and submit to this and any other active anthology project:
1) Follow this link to Anthology Club’s homepage.
2) Read up on how it works, then follow the instructions on the site to register and activate your account.
3) After receiving confirmation you are an active member of the group, click the Forums link to find forums for projects, project proposals, critique requests, craft-related questions, genre-specific discussions, and generic jive.
Any questions? Hit me up on the comments below. I’ll be glad to field any questions.


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Mia’s First Steps

Come to Papa, Mia! You’re such a smart girl, such a smart girl! Papa loves you, Mia! Come to him!

And, as she approached, Ricco grew less okay with it all. She was thirteen months yesterday, and closer to death than before. As was Ricco. And Maria. And he had no answer to that. He had no way of slowing this single moment, captured behind a lens and imprinted onto photopaper.

There was time, and this was time.

Mia grin grew unsure. Ricco adjusted his expression and encouraged her. Into outstretched arms, she stumbled the last few steps.

Ricco decided against holding those last few steps against her, and welcomed her into a spinning embrace.

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Temo que perder – Desirable Purity Weekly Writing Contest Entry

Hello readers. Below, you will find my entry to a weekly writing contest run by Munazza Bangash. It may win, it may lose, but it will certainly be an experience. The topic is: a bad habit to be broken. I have chosen poor oration. You’ll see why.

I started panicking at the end of Hayden’s speech, and I was done for. A classroom is a hospitable place for a lecture, but an introduction speech? Forget about it. I hardly knew the guy. He could’ve been the Messiah-incarnate and I’d have no clue. But I had prepared a two minute speech, nonetheless. And it was my turn. Continue reading